At Trinity Academy, we believe in cultivating an understanding

and love of the arts in every student.

Spring 2024 Theatre Production
March 22 and 23, 7pm nightly
March 23, 1pm matinee 

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Visual Arts
Visual Arts
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Visual Arts

Lower School

Students begin with a focus on art culture — its history, its current presence and its future. We take a creatively balanced approach that mixes traditional training techniques with inspiring innovative practices. Parents are amazed to see what our art specialists are able to train students to produce.

View images in the Lower School gallery here.

Upper School

The Upper School Visual Arts Program is designed to give students a strong foundation of art and design concepts and skills, while encouraging every student to explore their unique passion and reach their creative potential. At every level, students are exposed to Art History, Color Theory, Elements of Art, Principles of Design, Drawing & Painting, and techniques in a variety of mediums.    All students in grades 7 and 8 take a foundational art class that begins to build upon skills learned in elementary grades, with a more in depth focus on basic drawing and painting skills.  In grades 9-12, students interested in the visual arts have the option to choose from the following art courses:  2-D Design, 3-D Design, Drawing & Painting, Ceramics and Photography.  Many of these are also offered at the AP level.

View a gallery of Upper School Art here.


Expressing Truth

Lower School

Lower School students learn the language of music through the approach inspired by the Kodály concept. This approach employs folk music and art music to teach music literacy through singing, listening, moving, playing instruments, and playing games.  Our program sequences instruction in a developmentally appropriate manner, helping students evolve from learners to musicians.  These experiences provide the foundation for lifelong learning and a love of music. The students grow in performance as well, through all school gatherings showcasing each grade level. Lower School students may choose to sing in after school choirs and attend festivals and competitions to develop their skills and build community.

Upper School

The upper school music program aims to provide students with experiences that foster a lasting love of music. They are equipped with essential tools that allow them to engage with music more fully. In the middle school general music classroom, students explore a spectrum of musical activities, including singing, bucket drumming and ukulele. They gain confidence as performers while honing their technical skills and deepening their understanding of the elements of music. In the middle school elective choir, students focus on healthy vocal technique, independence, and expression through a variety of ensemble styles. The high school concert choir advances to more difficult repertoire, while learning mature tone, control, and musicality. Choral students develop musicianship and music literacy through solfege, singing games, rich musical selections, and a supportive community.

Creating harmony

Expressive performances

Finding voice


Engaging New Perspectives

Trinity’s Theatre program is designed to equip students with the tools needed to tell a story excellently and confidently, both on stage and behind the scenes. It is a space to explore various acting methods with constructive criticism and loud applause, to discover a new passion for scenic design or stage management, and to grow as practitioners of true, good and beautiful storytelling.

Vibrant Expression

Creative Interpretation

Thoughtful Design

Private Music Lessons

During and After-School Options

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Sparking Imagination.

Fostering Creativity.

Developing Talent.

Nurturing the Soul.