Tuition and Fees 2024 – 2025

GradeAnnual Tuition
(2024 - 2025)
Activity Fee
Re-enrollment Fee
Per Student
After 2/28/24
New Student Fee
(max. $1,500/family)
Transitional Kindergarten (Half-Day)$ 7,044$130$500$1,000
Transitional Kindergarten (Full-Day)$10,837$130$500$1,000
Grades 1 - 2$16,172$180$500$1,000
Grades 3 - 5$16,172$205$500$1,000
Grade 6$16,172$305$500$1,000
Grade 7 - 8$17,710$365$500$1,000
Grade 9 - 11$17,710$475$500$1,000
Grade 12$17,710$575$500$1,000

*For a printable version of our 2024 – 2025 Schedule of Tuition and Fees, click here.

Multi-Child Discount

This discount applies to families with three or more children attending Trinity Academy. Full tuition and fees apply to the two oldest children. Beginning with the third child, a 40% discount on tuition will be given. There is no sibling discount applied to the Student Activity fee.

*Re-Enrollment Fee ($500 per student)

Save $500, per student, by submitting your signed re-enrollment contract (and associated payment) by 4:00 pm on Wednesday, February 28, 2024. There is no guarantee of available enrollment space after February 28, 2024.

Re-Enrollment Deadline

There is no guarantee of available enrollment space after February 28, 2024. Open enrollment runs from February 29-March 29, 2024. Any student re-enrolling during this timeframe will incur the $500 per returning student fee. There is no guarantee of available enrollment space as new students are offered admission during this open enrollment period.

**New Student Fee

Once a new student is invited to enroll at Trinity Academy, parents will have two weeks to complete the Enrollment Agreement and pay the non-refundable New Student fee of $1,000 per student (maximum of $1,500 per family). View the New Family Schedule of Tuition and Fees HERE.

Miscellaneous Fees

Returned Check/Non-sufficient funds/Late payment fee on any item: $35.00 per incident

Payment Options

Three Payment Options for 2024-2025:

Each family is required to pay a 10% deposit of TOTAL FINANCIAL OBLIGATION either by ACH bank transfer or credit card through Veracross Online Re-Enrollment. Once your deposit is made, the REMAINING FINANCIAL OBLIGATION will be billed through your Veracross Student Billing portal. The REMAINING FINANCIAL OBLIGATION will consider any payment plan discount and any reduction of TOTAL FINANCIAL OBLIGATION based on the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship (NCOS) Tier Award expected.  Note: the payment plan discount/fee or the expected NCOS Tier Award will not be applied until after the 10% deposit.

  1. Full-Pay Plan (with a 2% discount) –After the 10% deposit, the remaining balance must be received by Wednesday, February 28, 2024 at 4pm. Otherwise, the 2% discount will be forfeited and the full amount of tuition, along with any applicable fees, will be charged.
  1. Two-Pay Plan – (no discount/no fees; requires VCPay AutoPay)
    After the 10% deposit, the remaining balance of the first payment will be processed by February 28th via VCPay AutoPay. The second payment will be processed on June 15, 2024, via VCPay AutoPay.
  1. Ten-Month Plan –($450 fee, requires VCPay AutoPay) – the 10% deposit is your first payment (due by February 28, 2024). Payments 2 -10 will be processed via VCPay AutoPay on the 5th of each month, from April 5, 2024 through December 5, 2024.

Family Referral Tuition Credit

Trinity Academy offers any current family up to $1,000 for the enrollment of a new family, to be applied toward tuition. A new family will be asked how they first heard about Trinity and who invited them to an event or urged them to contact Trinity. If more than one current family has had significant influence on a new family’s enrollment, the amount will be divided evenly between these families. For more information, please contact an Admissions Counselor.

Financial Assistance

Trinity Academy offers financial assistance. Please note that before you can apply for Financial Assistance (FA) at Trinity Academy, you MUST FIRST apply for admission for each child. Once you have completed the application for admission, you can then complete this questionnaire which will start the Financial Assistance process.

NC Opportunity Scholarship –  if you apply for Financial Assistance, you MUST also apply for and complete all steps related to the NC Opportunity Scholarship.

Financial assistance awards are based on an objective third party assessment of a family’s demonstrated need. Awards do not generally exceed fifty percent of the tuition amount. Only those applications for financial assistance that are received by January 19, 2024 at 4:00pm will be considered in the first round of awards. 

Admissions decisions and financial assistance awards are made separately. Financial assistance funds are limited and may not be available to all admitted students.

Trinity Academy’s Financial Assistance Policies can be read HERE. Read more about the Financial Assistance process HERE.

Late Payments/Fees

TUITION – Any past due tuition balance will incur a $50 late fee per student each month until payment arrangements are made.

INCIDENTAL BILLING (IB) – Any unpaid IB balances after the 15th of the month will incur a $10 late fee per student each month until payment arrangements are made.