Trinity’s distinct classical, Christian environment may perhaps be most clearly seen in our approach to seventh and eighth grade. A time of tremendous personal growth and change for these students, Trinity’s middle schoolers are taught in an environment that understands and even celebrates their adolescent natures.

As students enter the middle school years, they naturally begin to question things around them. Sometimes they question authority; sometimes they question a presupposition they have believed up to this point. What better time to give them the tools to determine sound arguments and reasoned thinking through a course in Logic? And as they struggle with our culture’s pressure to look and act a certain way, what better time to immerse them in great literature that creates conversations around the virtues of truth, goodness, and beauty? As they straddle feeling like a kid one moment, and wanting to be treated like an adult the next, what better time to create discipleship groups that meet consistently with a mentor adult who will help them navigate their shifting moods and feelings?

The middle school experience at Trinity has been very intentionally crafted to ensure that your child is surrounded by excellent academics, caring instructors and coaches, gender-specific discipleship groups, instruction in God’s word, and just the right dose of fun in the midst of it all. We are serious about the education we provide, but we deliver it using friendly and dynamic methods to our middle schoolers.

We invite you to come and visit. Hear more about the Trinity difference, and experience the classroom and campus atmosphere that sets us apart from other schools in the area.

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