As a community of faith and learning we seek to combine a rich academic environment with a climate that encourages deep and meaningful spiritual growth. Spiritual development most often weaves its way throughout each component of our curriculum. However, we intentionally carve out times for each student to explore Christian worship and spiritual growth in curricularly driven, spiritually focused programs.


Chapel is a bi-weekly curricular exploration of Christian worship. Students and faculty gather to walk through lectionary led scripture readings, prayers, creeds, songs of praise and hymns, and sermons from local pastors and church leaders. Students are given the opportunity to engage with speakers in a time of dialogue at the end of the service.

Character Education

Beginning in 6th grade, character education roots itself in the belief that God has called us to be great citizens. Our character education curriculum develops young men and women into citizens who can transform their culture as Christian-worldview thinkers.

Mentoring and Discipleship

We foster a culture of spiritual hunger and provide outlets for students to find what they need. As a result, students looking for further spiritual development have reached out to faculty to lead bible studies and intentional discipleship programs both in the middle and upper grades.

Upperclassmen model the Christian life for our younger students through daily life. However, the best support for formal mentoring relationships for development come from our house system, prefect leadership, and the honor council.

Our House System

To draw students and faculty together into closer relationships with each other and with Christ.

In order for students to thrive, we must place them in communities that are fully dedicated to not only filling their minds, but shaping their whole-person.  Many times this takes a community within a community.  Our school has adopted a British-style House System.  Through this we have established distinct communities within our community.  They are places where not only students, freshmen to seniors, belong, but faculty as well.  Places where values are modeled and the common goods of our community are shared openly and willingly.  Places where you can know and be known.  Places where you can be urged to live toward that ultimate human life that parents want for their children.  It is there that our students learn for themselves through the shared experience with others what it is they are intended to do.  We hope to form the hearts and desires of students through:

  • The construction of traditions that will train our students in virtuous living
  • Nurturing relationships across rhetoric school grade levels and faculty
  • Leadership, friendly competition, and service
  • Positive peer pressure and mentorship