April Richerson

April Richerson is a Raleigh native who loves investing herself in the health and wellness of the Trinity Academy community through her work as a fitness trainer for Camp Gladiator. April leads boot camps on the Trinity campus in the early morning hours and works as a fleet technology expert and Account Manager at Samsara. She graduated from Peace College and has been a fitness instructor and enthusiast for many years. Her heart for Jesus, basketball, and her two children (Sly Class of ’20 and Kelis Class of ’26) is matched by her love for the Trinity community.

April’s Heart for Trinity:

We have been a part of the Trinity community since 2016. Sylvester “Sly” started as a freshman at Trinity and it was by far the best decision for our family. Not many people would be comfortable talking about it, but our family has been broken by divorce and the Trinity community presented itself as a part of our much-needed village at a critical time in Sly and Kelis’s life. It melted my heart to see Sly persevere and become a leader on campus and carry that leadership into college where he leads in the dorm, in the classroom, and on the basketball court. Kelis is thriving here too!

I am even more grateful for the love of God that is consistently present at Trinity. I believe it is what makes Trinity Academy so special.  It is also a place that is safe, inclusive, loving, and where standards are set high, and our children are challenged to rise to the occasion. Through my family’s experience, I am convinced there is something incredible in store for every student who is part of the Trinity Academy community.