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Maggie joined Trinity in 2011 as both a grandparent of Aidan (Class of 2025) and a member of the staff. She is a passionate and dynamic leader, bringing with her over 25 years of successful business launches. In 2012, she set Trinity’s vision to establish and operate a self-sustaining in-house dining program. With her extensive background in business partnerships and operational planning, her shared vision became a thriving reality just one year later; serving hot lunches to Trinity children. By 2015, Maggie moved the dining program into the school’s new Atrium which allows hosting of additional social/community events such as Spring Fling . No, she never sleeps. Yes, she is always smiling. And, each day, she knows and greets every child by name…because for those few moments, they are her children.

Before joining Trinity, Maggie worked for the Terrebonne Association for Retarded Citizens (TARC) in Houma, LA; where she founded and operated the organization’s first independent confectionary business “Sweet Sensations” in 1999. Her goal was to inspire and guide a team of physically/mentally-handicapped clients to find and embrace their God-given talents in creating beauty through candy-making as a career. Over the next 10 years, Sweet Sensations became one of TARCs most flourishing businesses; and in 2009 she was named “Louisiana Professional of the Year.”

Maggie has always been an entrepreneur-at-heart; having owned/operated several other successful businesses earlier in her career. But the one thing that makes her stand out … she loves engaging and communing with people. And, she’s very good at it. Maybe that’s the New Orleans in her. She and her husband Milton (Zeke), lived the better part of her life in south Louisiana; and relocated to Raleigh, NC in 2010 (and dare we say “retired”) to be with their only son, his wife, and their only grandchild, Aidan. Trinity families are thankful to know she doesn’t see herself slowing down any time soon.