Trinity Academy staff and faculty

You have no greater legacy to leave on this earth, and no more important investment to make, than the legacy of and investment in your child’s future.

Neither houses nor property nor businesses nor retirement accounts, nor trust funds, nor foundations will have any value when compared to whether your child succeeds in life.

And after 30 years of moving back and forth between university teaching and administration and K-12 teaching and administration, I have come to believe that nothing shapes your child’s future more than their K-12 education.

No other experience and no other time in life will:

  • Form the brain more.
  • Develop the character more.
  • Shape the belief system and the spiritual life more.

From the time your child begins all-day school, they will spend more waking hours at school and school-related activities than they will spend with you and at church activities – combined.

In their early school years, teachers will be second only to you in their level of influence over your child, and in the middle and high school years, peers will fill that second position of influence.

So the all-important question is “who do you want influencing your children?” And who do you want influencing them 8 to 10 hours a day, five days a week? There is evidence that children need the influence of several adults, besides their own parents, in order for lasting belief to develop and grow. And, depending on your child’s school, that lasting belief could be a belief in a godless universe, belief in a green and organic planet, belief in alternative lifestyles, Christian legalism, or any of a dozen world religions, or perhaps some combination of these.

As a grandfather myself, I know it’s tempting to just throw up your hands and retreat with your children into the safety of seclusion, but God calls us to more. If you want your child to be challenged to think critically, taught to write and speak persuasively, prepared to transform their culture and all the while be nurtured in an authentic Christian atmosphere – then Trinity Academy is here to partner with you.

We know there are many fine schools in the Triangle area. But we truly believe in the Trinity difference and have created a tool to help you research and compare your options. This card has 30 questions we believe you’ll want to consider as you seek a K-12 education for your child. Ask these questions of other schools – and then take a look at our answers – the difference will be evident.

We appreciate your including Trinity in your search for the best investment you’ll ever make – your child’s K-12 education.


When Dr. Robert Littlejohn became Trinity Academy’s Head of School in 2005, he brought a wealth of skills and experience with him. In the area of Classical Education, he is known nationally as an innovative leader. He served as the founding headmaster of one of the most successful classical Christian schools in the country, New Covenant Schools in Lynchburg, Virginia.  He was founding executive director of the Society for Classical Learning, a national consortium of educators and a founding board member of the American School of Lyon, France. He also had a role in the establishment of several Classical Christian schools in North Carolina by serving as a consultant to their founding boards.  Some of these schools are Caldwell Academy in Greensboro, The Veritas School in Asheville, and Faith Christian School in Roanoke, Virginia.

As a Ph.D. Biologist, he has authored two college biology laboratory texts and has published 26 reports of original research in the fields of Ecology, Plant Physiology, Biochemistry and Science Educational Theory. In 2006, he coauthored Wisdom and Eloquence: a Christian Paradigm for Classical Learning, published by Crossway Books, Chicago. His career spans more than 3 decades K-12 and higher education, during which he has served in a variety of teaching and administrative capacities, including Academic Vice President for a liberal arts college and Director for a consortium of ten colleges and universities. He is a certified facilitator for Appreciative Inquiry, an AQIP reviewer for the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and a consultant to colleges and schools across the nation.

Wisdom and Eloquence: A Christian Paradigm for Classical Learning

Wisdom and Eloquence by Robert Littlejohn and Charles T. Evans

To succeed in the world today, students need an education that equips them to recognize current trends, to be creative and flexible to respond to changing circumstances, to demonstrate sound judgment to work for society’s good, and to gain the ability to communicate persuasively.

“…one of the best discussions in the neo-classical school movement.” – J. Johnson
“… this book is beautiful, eloquent and convincing.  In addition to the well laid out argument for Classical education, I was surprised to find my faith strengthened by the reasoning and scripture use of the authors.  If you are a Christian educator or a home-schooling parent with an understanding of Classical Education, read this book!  You will never be the same!” – R. Liggins
“A fantastic contribution to the classical, Christian conversation.  These pages hold a brilliant vision for using the seven liberal arts to produce students who think, who speak with eloquence, and who walk in wisdom.” -L. Nieuwsma