Trinity is a relatively small school with a tremendous heart. We are a school founded on generosity. Only through continuing this legacy of giving can Trinity Academy remain an outstanding institution that is sought out by incredible educators as a wonderful environment in which to work and by parents as an extraordinary education for their children.

Trinity Academy, like most independent schools, is responsible for its funding. Tuition serves as our primary source of revenue, but it is not sufficient to cover the total cost of a Trinity Academy education. To remain an independent school, Trinity Academy cannot receive financial support from local or federal taxes. Therefore, we rely on charitable gifts to both balance the yearly budget and provide long-term financial stability for the school.

The success of our students and our school would not have been possible without a history of generosity. Please consider joining the hundreds of parents, grandparents, alumni, parents of alumni, current and former faculty and staff and dear friends who make Trinity Academy part of their philanthropic priorities each year.

There are a variety of ways to support our school through financial contributions, and the following have been designated as areas of highest priority:

  • Annual Giving (The Trinity Fund)
  • Capital Giving
  • Partnerships
  • Special Events
  • Gifts-in-Kind

When we consider all that has been given to us by the most generous One of all – Jesus Christ – we realize we are a truly blessed people. We hope you find deep satisfaction in what your contributions make possible at Trinity Academy – it truly makes a difference in the lives of every student.


Courtney Woodfin
Director of Development