To encourage high standards of modesty, decorum and excellence, and to cultivate a positive and encouraging learning culture.


Middle School (7th-8th grade)

The middle school dress code is less conservative than the lower school uniform yet requires standards more stringent than that of the high school dress code. The intent is to teach appropriate behaviors through attire while acknowledging what is developmentally appropriate for the age group as an identity separate from the high school.

2023-2024 Middle School Dress Code


High School (9th-12th grade)

The highest level of freedom in dress code is experienced at this level. Students are encouraged to “dress for success” and “dress to impress” as they develop their independence and prepare for the greater freedom in the college experience.

2023-2024 High School Dress Code


Our uniform provider is Lands’ End

(Preferred School No. 9001-2383-7).

Toll free 1-800-469-2222 or www.landsend.com/school