To facilitate a structure whereby the students of Trinity Academy are given the opportunity to use their gifts and talents in providing leadership, organization, and service to the community of their peers and the greater Trinity Academy community. This is the venue by which the student voice may be heard, allowing students the chance to form the school into that which they wish it to become, through their expressed opinions and affirmative action towards accomplishing their goals for the school.


Head Prefect

The Head Prefect /Assistant Head Prefect serves as a liaison between faculty, students, and parents. The main responsibilities are leading and facilitating prefect meetings, communicating information to the student body, developing leadership among students, and monitoring the various needs and concerns of the school. Samuels Gardner ’23, Assistant Cruz English ’23

Service Prefect

The Service Prefect serves to provide opportunities for Trinity students to create and participate in service projects at Trinity and throughout the community. The Service Prefect is responsible for the organization and oversight of group service projects throughout the school year. The purpose of these projects is to expose students to various needs within the community and to advise and facilitate leadership for younger students who desire to head personal service opportunities. Avery Alexander ’23


Spiritual Life Prefect

The Spiritual Life Prefect is responsible for encouraging the spiritual lives of students and maintaining good relationships among all grades. The major responsibilities include student liaison for chapel coordinator, initiating and/or organizing bible studies, mentoring for leaders of bible studies, and school-wide prayer opportunities. Allie Greear ’23


Spirit Prefect

The Spirit Prefect is responsible for encouraging student body attendance in all sporting events, planning and assisting with Homecoming and Spirit Week, pep rallies for Fall, Winter and Spring sports, Spirit Days for the Fall and Spring, and promoting school spirit. Caroline Miller ’24


Student Life Prefect

The Student Life Prefect is responsible for the planning and implementation of social events for the upper school. These events provide opportunities for students to get together outside the classroom and to interact with students from other grade levels. This prefect will establish and lead committees to assist in implementing each event. He/she will also work with the corresponding faculty sponsor for each particular event. Abby Joseph ’24

The House System


To draw students and faculty together into closer relationships with each other and with Christ.

In order for students to thrive, we must place them in communities that are fully dedicated to not only filling their minds, but shaping their whole-person.  Many times this takes a community within a community.  Our school has adopted a British-style House System.  Through this we have established distinct communities within our community.  They are places where not only students, freshmen to seniors, belong, but faculty as well.  Places where values are modeled and the common goods of our community are shared openly and willingly.  Places where you can know and be known.  Places where you can be urged to live toward that ultimate human life that parents want for their children.  It is there that our students learn for themselves through the shared experience with others what it is they are intended to do.  We hope to form the hearts and desires of students through:

  • The construction of traditions that will train our students in virtuous living
  • Nurturing relationships across high school grade levels and faculty
  • Leadership, friendly competition, and service
  • Positive peer pressure and mentorship


House Leadership for 2022-23:

Mac Allen and Molly Williams

Mason Miller and Rachel GIles

Dunn Johnson and Savannah Backholm

Gunner Kratz and Madi Jackson

National Honor Society


The purpose of this organization shall be to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students of secondary schools.

Leadership for the 2022-23 School Year is as follows:

President: Samuels Gardner

Vice President: Cruz English

Secretary: Daniel Boulton

Service Secretary: Avery Alexander