The Honor Council exists as an accountability measure for the student by the student body.

In February 2012, then Head of School, Dr. Robert Littlejohn spoke in Chapel declaring a culture reset at Trinity. As part of the renewed focus on preserving the merits of Trinity, it became apparent that the community would benefit from a body that promotes self-governance. Students were tasked with nominating fellow classmates for the inaugural Honor Council. Students elected faculty supervisors, and the Honor Council was created. The Honor Council then met once a week to write the Trinity Honor Code. The code was created by the students, reflected upon, and approved by the administration. The Honor Code was then presented to the student body at an Upper School Retreat via a reading during the end-of-retreat ceremony. All students and faculty in the Upper School have signed the Honor Code, committing to uphold its tenets. Since that time, the Honor Council has been meeting weekly for accountability. Teachers and students are encouraged to send issues to the Honor Council when violations of the Honor Code are observed or brought to their attention.  All issues should be brought to the attention of the Faculty Advisors.

Parents. What you should know:

  • How students become part of the Honor Council:
    • There are currently four seniors, three juniors, and two sophomores on the Honor Council.
    • Each year, students are asked to name, amongst their class members, the student(s) whom they consider trustworthy and well-respected by the class. Discretion, the ability to maintain confidentiality, is of paramount importance.
    • Faculty members review the student nominations.
    • One junior, one sophomore, and two freshmen will be chosen to join the Honor Council in March of each year so that when the current seniors graduate, the inverted pyramidal structure will remain intact (four rising seniors, three rising juniors, and two rising sophomores).
    • Students who commit to joining the Honor Council in March will immediately begin serving with the current Council members.
  • Some of the responsibilities of an Honor Council member include:
    • Meeting to make recommendations for school action regarding student violations of the Honor Code
    • Representing to the student body the nature of the Honor Council
    • Maintaining a high degree of confidentiality regarding all Honor Council deliberations.