Piano Ensemble

This advanced course is designed to further improve pianist in skill level and knowledge of piano repertoire through piano duet, duo literature, and eight hand piano literature. Students will learn how to perform with others via physical cues given through body language, hand gestures, and eye contact. This course is also designed to help reinforce good rhythm, improve listening skills, teach good communication skills, and provides a foundation for chamber music and accompanying. Students must take private lessons and have at least three years of private instruction. This is a year-long course consisting of 14 lessons an academic year. Sixth graders have the option of signing up by semester (7 lessons) due to sports and the transitional period from 5th to 6th. Students will be paired according to level and style interests and will participate in a Winter and/or Spring Recital. Scheduling is done individually based on student and instructor availability. Sixth graders are committed to a full semester upon registration if only taking a semester, all other students are committed to the year upon registration.


Group Guitar

This course is designed to teach guitar to students at the beginning to intermediate levels to play in an ensemble. The student will be able to read conventional notation in first and second positions. Intermediate students will be expected to expand their knowledge of the fretboard in order to play through fifth position. Although the student will learn to read tablature, it will be used primarily as a teaching tool. The class will perform as an ensemble in a Winter and Spring Recital. Supplemental individual instruction is limited. Students are urged to seek individual instruction independent of the class. Instructor approval is required of students that are not currently studying with a teacher. Each student will be expected to provide his or her own instrument. LS classes will meet on Tuesdays from 2:40-3:25 and MS/US classes will meet on Tuesdays from 3:30-4:15.