Welcome to Night of the Arts (NOTA): A Virtual Celebration! 

As we approach the end of another school year still touched by pandemic protocols, Trinity’s Fine Arts Faculty are honored and grateful to offer our annual Night of the Arts event online again this spring. Despite changes to routine, surprise quarantines and the inability to host our families on campus this year, Trinity’s students have remained resiliently creative. They have crafted exquisite examples of truth, goodness and beauty with careful brush strokes, purposed shutter clicks, rich characterization, and soaring melodies. The Fine Arts Faculty are thrilled to provide our students this online platform where they can shine and are thankful for the unplanned gift of capturing this art in such a way that it can be enjoyed for much longer than one evening!

On behalf of Trinity Academy, we warmly invite you to unite virtually with us as we celebrate the artistic gifts of our student body.  Click here to visit Night if the Arts 2021.  Thank you for supporting the Fine Arts at Trinity. We hope you enjoy exploring the site!


Fine Arts Faculty

Rose Everett, US Choral Director
Heather Faucette, MS Studio Art
Anna Heimbach, LS Art Specialist
Tori Lye, US Theatre Arts
Kathleen Nelson, LS Music Specialist
Holly Sturt, US Art
Melissa Williams, US Art