Dear Lower School families,

A unique opportunity for our Lower School has come to our attention that I wanted to share with our families. We have several families at Trinity who have family and friends in Puerto Rico, including Mrs. Smith, one of our teachers. Mrs. Smith has still not heard from some family in Puerto Rico as cell towers and power have been wiped out in many parts of the island.

Mrs. Chinea, Trinity parent, has a connection that will allow materials we collect for Puerto Rico to be taken to a distribution center and shipped directly to Puerto Rico, to support not only that island but also other impacted islands in the Caribbean.

If you are seeking a way to give and would like that support to assist Puerto Rico and other islands impacted by Hurricane Maria, please view the attached image for items that Puerto Rico has requested. Please note that they are requesting no monetary donations as they are most in need of supplies. The biggest need currently is water as Mrs. Chinea reports that 3/4 of the island is without clean water.

We will start to collect items on Monday, October 2nd and ask that all donations be provided to Trinity Academy by 4:00 on Friday, October 6th. Donations can be dropped off in the morning during carpool, brought with your student to class, or dropped off at the front office.

Of course, we realize that many of our families have family or friends in Texas, Florida, Mexico or the Caribbean that are also suffering from a recent disaster.  These last few weeks there have been constant prayer requests from students to pray for those suffering from these events.

As an academic institution, we understand that we cannot respond to every area of need. While there are people impacted throughout our community by the various recent events, we each must identify how and where we can best serve.  For some, such as one Trinity alumna, it is serving in Houston through AmeriCorps, and helping the recovery effort through her physical presence. For others, it is praying as a family, and perhaps contributing materials or money.

At this time, because of this unique connection with Puerto Rico, we believe this opportunity is our best way of serving our fellows in need as a community of faith and learning.

Thank you for considering this opportunity of service,

Matthew Breazeale
Lower School Head
Trinity Academy



Some additional items to consider would include solar items -solar lamps, solar flashlights, solar radios, etc. While batteries are helpful and needed, solar items will replace the need for batteries for that item.

Also, if you have a satellite phone that could be donated those are helpful as communication through traditional channels is severely limited in many regions of Puerto Rico.