Lower School

Parents have two options for purchasing the supplies their child will need in the classroom.

  1. Visit our partner, ClassBundl to have your supplies shipped to your door.
  2. Or, use the links below to print your child’s classroom supply list and shop locally.

Supply Lists 2018-19 Transitional Kindergarten Half-Day

Supply Lists 2018-19 TransitionalKindergarten Full Day 

Supply Lists 2018-19 Kindergarten                                            Supply Lists 2018-19 Fourth Grade

Supply Lists 2018-19 First Grade                                               Supply Lists 2018-19 Fifth Grade

Supply Lists 2018-19 Second Grade                                          Supply Lists 2018-19 Sixth Grade

Supply Lists 2018-19 Third Grade

Upper School

Upper School Supply List

The lists for Upper School include suggested/required classroom supplies as well as summer reading assignments.

**Please note** – 10th-12th grade students are responsible to purchase their own books.  These are labeled “purchasing chart”.

Summer Seventh Grade Essentials 2018

Summer Eighth Grade Essentials 2018

Summer Ninth Grade Essentials 2018

Summer Tenth Grade Essentials 2018

Summer Eleventh Grade Essentials 2018

Summer Twelfth Grade Essentials 2018

Purchasing Chart (10th-12th grade books to purchase)

Sophomore Purchasing Chart 2018

Junior Purchasing Chart 2018

Senior Purchasing Chart 2018

Used Text Book Sale Information

June 25, 2018 – 2nd Annual Used Textbook Sale – read more here.