Parents and Teachers at Trinity (PATT)

Our purpose is to organize volunteers to support, in cooperation with the Headmaster/Principal and the Trinity Academy Board of Directors, the ongoing operations at Trinity Academy in the areas of communication, facilities, fundraising and service to the teachers and students. PATT is a non-policy-making organization working to honor God through the nurturing of our school family.

Membership includes any teacher, parent or legal guardian of a child or children currently enrolled in Trinity Academy.

Annual Dues: $25.00 per family

Leadership: Merritt Jones, President



GrandParent Society (GPS)

Our Mission is to support and encourage Trinity Academy in pursuit of its mission and accomplishment of its goals.

Membership is open to all grandparents or “surrogate” grandparents of children currently enrolled at Trinity Academy.

Annual Dues: None

Leadership: Tom Riley, Chair

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