Dear Parents,

Recently, a Trinity family shared a story with me about an Upper School student who stopped by their table at a local restaurant to say hello. This student hadn’t seen the family in quite some time, but went out of their way to walk over and engage the family in some conversation, using great eye contact, articulate voice and strong handshake. After the Upper School student walked away, the parents remarked to their younger children, “Wow! Can you believe that? We don’t know many teenagers that would go out of their way to come over and say hello.” Without missing a beat, one of the kids replied, “That’s the Trinity Academy difference!” I grin every time I think of that story.

I try to position myself under the blue canopy during morning carpool most days of the week. It’s my favorite way to start my day. I think I’ve finally learned all the students’ names, and it is my delight to wish each one a good morning using their name.  It is an even bigger delight when the vast majority look me in the eye and warmly greet me back, “Good Morning, Mrs. Hofer!” Most of them even smile as they do it.

Small acts like this are intentionally developed in our sweet school, and ultimately reinforced by great parents like you. When we expect lovely manners on a consistent basis, it really does bear fruit, even when the adults aren’t around.  Thank you for supporting our efforts to raise confident, kind, articulate young men and women who have the training necessary to step outside this institution’s walls and make a real impact in a world desperately in need of civility and grace. Who knew that it all starts when they get out of the car in the morning?

Have a great weekend!

Susan Hofer

Interim Lower School Head



Here’s a link to an essay written in 1933 addressing manners in boys – proof that good manners never go out of style!



Wednesday, March 21st 8:05 a.m.

Lower School Honor Recital

Wednesday, March 21st at 8:05 a.m.

Eleven students will present their pieces for our morning assembly on Wednesday, March 21st. Please come join us as we celebrate the arts and these performers!



If you would like to order tickets to the High School Theatre Arts production of Hello, Dolly! on March 23 or 24, please use this link



Help Theatre Arts raise funds for their production by eating at Chipotle on Strickland Road on Tuesday, March 27 between 4 and 8pm. Trinity Theatre Arts receives 50% of your purchase if you show this paper flyer or this image on your phone.



March 21: Honor Recital at 8:05 in Founders Hall. Parents welcome!

March 22: Second Level Poetry and Prose presentations

March 28: Final Poetry and Prose competition at 8:30 in Founders Hall. Parents welcome!

March 30: All-School Good Friday chapel and early release day

Week of April 2-6: Spring Break!