Dear Parents,

Do you find, like I do, that classical education often gets a bad rap in the broader community? By declaring that we hold to some currently out-of-trend traditions like dictation and memory work, folks often picture classrooms led by stern lecturers demanding hours of seatwork, rigorous lessons filled with dusty books, and a teacher’s sharp reprimands for laughter or snickers. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Trinity’s lower school classrooms are characterized by laughter, joy, and movement, and it’s not just because we employ excellent teachers. It’s because joy-filled lessons, wonder and awe at all that God has made, and movement that gets students up and out of their seats, are all at the heart of classical education. Teaching “with the grain” means that in an era when other schools are cutting back on recess and fine arts, our students will continue to receive PE, recess, music, art, and more.

I had the pleasure this past week of observing several lower school classrooms, and in every case, students were engaged and learning in a variety of ways: singing, reciting, sitting, standing, chanting, laughing, and even dancing. (Thank you, Mrs. Nelson, for a classroom where dancing is the norm!) The list of vibrant activities could go on and on.

I’m so grateful that we are a school that strives to engage students in a rigorous curriculum with joy and gladness. We sincerely look forward to welcoming your students back on Monday!

Warm regards,

Susan Hofer


Here’s a link to a great article about why a classical education just might be the key to your child’s future success. Read it, and be encouraged!


As we still have not dipped below the 170 day mark for total days in school, we will not be making up any days due to the recent weather event.


For the last several years, Mr. Breazeale has held “Moving Up” meetings in February designed to help parents get a picture of what their child’s next year in school might look like; I would like to continue this tradition by offering the dates and times below. Grab a cup of coffee, join me in the atrium, and we will enjoy looking at the developmental milestones and general class expectations your child will encounter as they move up to the next grade level.

All meetings will take place after drop-off at 8:00 in the atrium, and should last 30-45 minutes.

January 30: Rising First Graders

February 1: Rising Second Graders

February 6: Rising Third Graders

February 8: Rising Fourth Graders

February 13: Rising Fifth Graders

February 13: Rising Kindergarteners

February 20: Rising Sixth Graders


January 24: Lower School assembly at 8:05- Fourth Grade students presenting “Notable North Carolinians”

January 24: Report cards posted, Financial Assistance Application Deadline

January 24: TK-12 Open House at 6:30 pm (Be sure to invite your friends and family to come and hear the Trinity difference!) Share these invitations with friends and family. Social media JPEG or PDF for email and printing

January 26: Chick-fil-A Fun Night in Founders Hall (Basketball games) – Dress like a cow and participate in half-time competitions for fun prizes. JV Game 4:15pm, Girls Game 5:30pm, Varsity Boys Game 7:00pm.

January 29: Next Re-enrollment email will be sent to all families

January 30: Moving Up Meeting: Rising First Graders

February 1: Poetry and Prose selections finalized with classroom teacher

February 1: Moving Up Meeting: Rising Second Graders