Welcome to the Lower School blog portion of Trinity Academy of Raleigh’s website! For this first blog post, I wanted to introduce myself briefly and highlight how this space will be used.

First, thank you all for welcoming me so warmly to the lower school! I enjoyed teaching in the upper school but I am excited to join the lower school and become a part of this element of the Trinity community! For those of you I have not yet had the opportunity to meet, let me tell you how I ended up at Trinity Academy of Raleigh.

I grew up a few hours west of Raleigh in Hickory, North Carolina. I would describe it as semi-urban – we had everything you would need and were only an hour from Charlotte for the “big” things such as concerts or museums yet my high school was surrounded by cow pastures. I attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where I double majored in history and political science. Upon graduation, I joined Teach For America and worked in rural eastern North Carolina for a few years teaching. I then moved towards Raleigh and taught in neighboring Franklin County while I finished my Masters in School Administration (also from UNC-Chapel Hill). As part of my school administration program, I completed a one-year full-time internship at a local high school. This opportunity was eye-opening as I got to see all aspects of running a school of over 2,500 students! I knew I wanted something smaller so I became an assistant principal at a middle school with around 1,000 students where I was specifically over 6th grade. While this was smaller, I still longed for the community I was familiar with from where I grew up. As I considered my options, I applied to Trinity.

So how did I hear about Trinity and know to apply? From my wife, a 2005 Trinity graduate! When I was looking for places with community, I remember being amazed at the family atmosphere I experienced whenever she and I visited Trinity for events such as theatre performances and homecoming. As I had heard about Trinity from her and had the opportunity to experience it myself a few times, Trinity was the first place that I applied when I decided to leave the public school system. During the application process, it became apparent that the best place for me to start my Trinity career was teaching middle grades and not in an administrative role. I spent the 2014-2015 school year teaching 7th grade humanities (both history and English) and 8th grade history and geography. The year was everything I was looking for and then some! The community at Trinity, and the approach that the staff are able to take with the students, are truly unique and what I was missing at my prior schools. Likewise, the more I learned about classical education the more I became excited to be in a setting that emphasized that in addition to the Christian elements. That spring, when the position of the lower school head became available, I welcomed the opportunity to serve Trinity in an administrative capacity.

My goal with this space is to use it in a variety of ways. Each week I send out an email with information for our Lower School families but I will start to also use that space to highlight some information that was posted on the blog. This will also give me the opportunity to provide more details for some elements that are in my weekly emails for those who wish to dive deeper into some upcoming event or activity. Some of the topics the blog will include are:

  • Updates about upcoming events at Trinity
  • Highlights from the classroom
  • Articles on education and students that I have found interesting and wish to share with our Lower School families for them to consider
  • Articles on classical and/or Christian education along with more in-depth details/explanations about elements of Trinity for those who care to dig a little deeper behind our why for actions
  • Scriptural reflections

Please utilize this space as best suits you! Some of you may wish to regularly read all of the posts while others may only visit if they have a specific question. If there is something you think would be a benefit to our families, please share it with me! It could be a topic you think I should cover, it could be an article you wish to share with me, or it could just be a question you want answered that you think other families would appreciate having available in this space. I look forward to being able to use this platform to pull back the curtain a bit and give you a more in-depth glance at different elements of Trinity!