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As a follow-up to the Screenagers event held on Thursday, February 9, 2017, Trinity offered a FREE event on Saturday, February 11, 2017 from 9:00 to 11:30 am. This continuing conversation included a presentation on technology safety as well as a parent panel which covered such topics as social media, internet safety, parental involvement and more.  Even if you missed Screenagers, we hope you’ll find this information beneficial.

Continuing the (Technology) Conversation: A discussion on Internet Safety w/ Samantha Kilpatrick

Panel Discussion – click the play bar below to listen to the audio

Panel Members:
  • Dr. Rick Gessner: Dr. Gessner, a local pediatrician at Raleigh Children and Adolescents Medicine, achieved the rank of Lt. Commander as an officer in the US Navy before joining a medical practice in Raleigh. Dr. Gessner brings a unique perspective to the panel from his experience as a doctor as well as from the two years his family spent in Kenya on a medical mission. Dr. Gessner is a Trinity parent (’15, ’19, ’22).
  • Mrs. Alison Ashley: Mrs. Ashley is always looking for ways to balance the benefits of technology while minimizing hazards families are exposed to as a result of its use. Mrs. Ashley is a Trinity parent (’25, ‘28).
  • Mrs. Veronica Greear: Mrs. Greear brings the perspective of a pastor’s wife to the panel in addition to her prior experiences as a public school teacher. Mrs. Greear also serves on the Trinity Board of Directors. She is a parent of four, three of whom are Trinity students (’23, ’26, ’28).
  • Samantha Kilpatrick: Mrs. Kilpatrick’s unique perspective on technology and teens (technology and parenting) stems from her experience as a parent, speaker, lawyer, and a former Wake County Assistant District Attorney. Mrs. Kilpatrick serves on the Trinity Board of Directors and is a Trinity parent (’19, ’22).
  • Special Agent Chad Barefoot: Agent Barefoot has 12 years of law enforcement experience, most recently as a special agent in the Computer Crimes Unit of the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation (SBI). His primary focus is to ensure the safety of children through a partnership with the North Carolina Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. Agent Barefoot has a three-year old son.
Audio Transcript Summary / List of Questions / Answers (time in parentheses)
  1. What advice do you give parents for dealing with kids who say other parents have different opinions and/or rules? (02:05)
    1. Samantha Kilpatrick (02:35)
    2. Rick Gessner (03:35)
    3. Chad Barefoot (05:05)
  2. How do you monitor your children’s use of technology, monitor effectively without becoming draconian? (05:50)
    1. Rick Gessner (06:20)
    2. Alison Ashley (08:00)
    3. Veronica Greear (08:45)
  3. Aside from software, what are some rules you’ve instituted with regards to use of time? (11:10)
    1. Chad Barefoot (11:45)
    2. Veronica Greear (13:55)
    3. Rick Gessner (16:15)
    4. Veronica Greear (17:35)
    5. Alison Ashley (18:00)
    6. Samantha Kilpatrick (19:05)
    7. Rick Gessner (20:50)
    8. Samantha Kilpatrick (21:30)
    9. Veronica Greear (22:15)
    10. Rick Gessner (23:00)
  4. What rights does a parent have regarding posts about their child? (23:30)
    1. Chad Barefoot (24:10)
    2. Samantha Kilpatrick (27:10)
  5. How large is the ‘digital footprint’ that a child is making as a middle/high school student? (29:55)
    1. Samantha Kilpatrick (30:20)
    2. Chad Barefoot (30:55)
    3. Samantha Kilpatrick (32:20)
  6. Is it wise to use screen time as a reward or punishment? (34:05)
    1. Samantha Kilpatrick (33:35)
    2. Rick Gessner (34:25)
  7. Addressing when decision-makers in a family have differing opinions? (35:25)
    1. Veronica Greear (36:00)
    2. Samantha Kilpatrick (38:20)
  8. What age did you or do you plan to give your children a smartphone? (40:05)
    1. Samantha Kilpatrick (40:20)
    2. Rick Gessner (41:50)
    3. Veronica Greear (42:35)
    4. Alison Ashley (44:05)
  9. Have you found any online resources, groups, message boards, etc.. for like minded parents to discuss Internet Safety? (44:20)
    1. Alison Ashley (44:50)
    2. Samantha Kilpatrick (45:55)
    3. Veronica Greear (47:30)
    4. Samantha Kilpatrick (47:45)
    5. Veronica Greear (48:00)
    6. Samantha Kilpatrick (48:20)
  10. When my child says they ‘NEED’ their device at school … is that true? (50:30)
    1. Samantha Kilpatrick (50:50)
    2. Matthew Breazeale (52:40)
  11. With regards to cellphones, how do you monitor their usage when they’re not on Wi-Fi? How do you supervise? (53:35)
    1. Veronica Greear (54:40)
    2. Alison Ashley (55:55)
    3. Samantha Kilpatrick (56:10)
    4. Chad Barefoot (59:15)
    5. Samantha Kilpatrick (01:00:15)
    6. Commentary from Audience (01:02:25)
  12. What do I do when conversations go south on social media apps?
    1. Samantha Kilpatrick (01:02:40)
    2. Commentary from Audience (01:05:50)
    3. Veronica Greear (01:05:45)
    4. Rick Gessner (01:06:50)
  13. Monitoring online conversations that may impact your children when your child is NOT online? (01:08:00)
  14. Final Thoughts from the Panel (01:11:20)
    1. Alison Ashley (01:11:25)
    2. Rick Gessner (01:12:00)
    3. Veronica Greear (01:12:55)
    4. Chad Barefoot (01:14:40)
    5. Samantha Kilpatrick (01:15:50)
    6. Matthew Breazeale (01:17:20)