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Middle School
Duration : Year Long
Teachers: Melissa Williams, Julie Riddle, Jim Ranieri, Joel Houghton, Marajen Denman, Liz Dasher
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Emotional. Self-aware. Peer-driven.

Here come the official middle school years! Part of the upper school yet different in schedule and pace, middle grades’ students are exposed to age-appropriate challenges during their seventh grade year at Trinity Academy. Focus is placed upon cognitive, social and emotional skills’ development anchored by an advisory program, gender-based character education, and leadership opportunities. All of this is provided under the umbrella of a Christ-like faculty culture trained to nurture and educate each student with wisdom, eloquence, purpose….and fun!

The seventh grade Religious Studies course is both devotional and curricular. We want our students to know God and God personally.  A knowledgeable Bible instructor guides our students through a semester-long course concentrated on Old Testament themes, as well as several books: Job, Ecclesiastes, Daniel, and Proverbs. By combining knowledge of Scripture with practical application whenever possible, students are awakened to God’s redemption story and its implication for their personal lives.
Thematically and contextually, the three topics of History, English, and Literature work together to create a cohesive approach to learning. The literature chosen reflects the events or themes of the historical time period in order to deepen students understanding of key issues. From stories such as Animal Farm,  Lord of the Flies, and Oliver Twist students engage in Socratic dialogue, purposeful games, and critical written analysis designed to challenge the young reader. Composition is taught in conjunction with reading and history, using the series as its foundation, and all students study the elements of excellent composition and research.
Seventh graders spend the year in Pre-Algebra or Math 7.  Utilizing a Prentice Hall curriculum, specific topics include the analysis and representation of geometry and measurement, data collection, theoretical probability and of course, algebraic understanding. Our experienced and enthusiastic instructors employ a variety of teaching techniques to ensure that all learning styles are represented in their varied approaches.
A year-long course in Life Science highlights the seventh grade year. While students learn the disciplines of note-taking, study skills, lab etiquette and question asking, plentiful opportunities exist for hands-on science fun. Dissections including earthworms, starfish, leopard frogs, or dog sharks may be experienced, as well as outside ecology and resource games on our beautiful campus.
Seventh grade students take a semester-long class in Grammar. This foundational course undergirds our writing program by ensuring students have mastered sentence structure, modifying elements, and mechanics. As the framework for excellent composition, extensive time in Grammar pays off as students develop their writing skills and style throughout their years in Upper School.
Students continue to explore the classical tenets of truth, goodness, and beauty in the area of the visual arts. Students analyze color and expression through the development of their drawing, painting, and sculpting skills. Seventh graders typically work with oil pastels, silk painting, and advanced clay techniques. The primary goal of the middle grades’ Art program is to see that all students gain the tools necessary to ensure they feel successful in their creative endeavors.
In either 7 or 8 grade, students will take part in a year-long theatre course. Taught by a dynamic, experienced drama instructor, students gain confidence in public speaking, acting, and even directing. Opportunities for performances take place three times a year: Duo Interpretations in the fall, full productions in January, and a fun evening of short presentations in the Spring.  Productions change from season to season as the teacher gets to know her students and hand picks plays and parts that suit her class. No matter what the students are performing, audiences are delighted with the end product showcasing our middle grades’ talent.
Each middle grades’ student will join the Middle School Concert Choir for one year. By the end of that year, choir students will have performed music representing diverse genres and cultures, learned to evaluate music and music performances, have read and notated music, and of course, learned to sing accurately with good breath control throughout their singing ranges.  Annual performance opportunities include: Grandparents’ Day, Lessons and Carols worship evening in December, taking a day trip to sing at a senior center each winter, and attending Busch Gardens “Music in the Parks Competition” in the spring.
Seventh graders participate on a sports’ team of their choice, which then serves as their PE credit for that year. Sports’ participation is curricular; by requiring students to engage in sports, all students gain the social, emotional, and athletic benefits from being on a team. Coaches are carefully chosen that adhere to Trinity’s mission of excellence in both character and competence. We play to win, but we also strive to play for God’s glory.

Trinity Academy Distinctives

In addition to the classes above, students are exposed to:

Aligned to Biblical virtues, the character education program ensures that contemporary challenges are placed in the context of core teachings of the Gospel. Students are taught the elements of etiquette and good behavior, along with the qualities of humility, responsibility, and respect. They are encouraged to ask questions and seek support and answers through Scripture and the discipleship of a faculty of believers.
Students are encouraged to challenge themselves outside of their comfort zone within the safety of a nurturing community. To that end, we offer students the opportunity to serve on Middle School Senate.
Trinity assigns each student an advisor who is their advocate. The teacher is responsible for 8-10 boys or girls in grade seven. The advisory is intentionally designed to pull students away from their best friends and align them with those to whom they may not naturally gravitate. They begin their day with advisor touch points, and the advisor acts as the parents’ touchstone for what’s going on in the life of the school.
Jumping into middle school requires a set of skill fundamentals that includes: organization, time management, and study skills. Our seventh grade students take a semester-long class, two days a week, that addresses these crucial fundamentals. Study Skills is designed to help students gain the tools they need for successfully navigating different classes and teachers, homework load, and sports’ involvement. We understand that by training students in healthy, sustainable work habits now, they have a higher chance for success in the years to come.
Middle School students serve in a variety of ways through their involvement in Jr. Beta Club, Feed the Hunger, and other local non-profits during SELA week.

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