Welcome to the first edition of the Artful News! This newsletter will be sent to you monthly to keep you informed of what is going on in the Art Room.

Thank you, Thank you!

Many thanks for all the wonderful donations you have sent in this month, and we are putting all the paper towels, sharpie markers, crayons, and pencils to good use. If you have paper towels, we can always use more. Paper towels are something we use in the art room all the time—for cleaning brushes after using them to paint, for grabbing those pesky drops of paint that somehow appear in the wrong place, and for cleaning spills on the floor that just happen in a room full of excited kids trying to express their creativity.

Useful Junk still needed:

We still are in need of baby food jars with lids and the tubes from paper towels.

Response Sheet

Thank you for sending in the response sheet or emailing me of the ways you would like to help in art.   I am slowing going through these.   A big thank you to all of those who volunteered to wash art smocks, we now have enough volunteers to cover us until the end of the school year.  This week I am in the process of contacting those persons who would like to help with getting art work ready for the hall wall.  Next week I will be contacting those individuals who would indicated they would like to help in the art classroom.   If you would like to help especially in 1st or 4th grade please let me know.

Art History

This week we began our study of art history starting with the The Adoration of the Magi, located in the National Museum of Art in Washington, D.C. Each week we will focus on different paintings that he did and became famous for. Fra Angelico was a Dominican monk who painted scenes from the life of Christ, which gives us a chance to review Bible stories in art class.

Art Smarties

This week I am sending home our first Art Smarties sheet. And in case your child’s copy does not make it home, you can find this week’s Art Smartie sheet in the “File Locker” section of Parent Plus and print yourself another copy. The Art Smartie challenge this week has several questions about The Adoration of the Magi. Please know that doing the Art Smartie challenge is NOT required and will NOT affect a child’s grade. This is a supplemental exercise designed to cultivate interest in what we are covering in class. Children who complete the Art Smartie challenge earn prizes. This week’s Art Smartie sheet must be turned in to your child’s classroom teacher, or placed in the box outside the art room door, by Friday, September 26.

Art Projects

For the past 3 weeks, the TK class has been learning about lines and created wall hangings with line designs. The Kindergarten classes also have been learning about lines and met “Larry the Line,” a toy snake that inspired them to create line paintings. The 1st Grade class has been learning about how lines are used to make shapes and created artwork based on the book, Lines That Wiggle. The 2nd Grade classes created collages made of swirling chalk lines with tissue paper made to look like Fall leaves. The 3rd Grade classes created patterned giraffes based on the book, The Giraffe, the Pelly, and Me. These students are using construction paper crayons and water colors to make giraffes decorated with colorful patterns. The 4th Grade created Value Cupcakes with chalk pastels and learned about light and shadows while creating beautiful cupcakes complete with a cherry on top. Finally, the 5th Grade classes are in the process of creating metal repoussé, which is an ancient art form that impresses designs into thin metal sheets that are mounted like pictures. Except for the 5th Grade classes, all these projects will be on display in the hall outside your child’s regular classroom by the end of next week. The 5th Grade project will take longer to complete, but will be displayed when they are done in a few more weeks.


Anna Heimbach
Lower School Art
Trinity Academy