As a teacher last year, these next few weeks were some of my favorite during the entire year. The four-weeks leading up to a week-long vacation served as an excellent time for students to settle into a routine and to challenge and push themselves knowing that there was a week to recharge right around the corner. This serves as an excellent time for your student to “sprint” academically!

November Begins

As the calendar turns to November:

  • Daylight Saving Time (fall backwards) – set your clocks back this Saturday night, Oct. 31.
  • Please remind your child(ren) they should not bring any Halloween candy to school to share. This can be a big distraction in the classroom, thank you for your understanding.

A couple of reminders related to the dress code:

  • For boys: shorts may not be worn in winter months which are defined as November, December, January, and February.
  • For young ladies grades 3 through 6: khaki pants (Lands’ End) may be worn in winter months only (November-February).

Upcoming Assembly and Chapel

Our next Assembly, scheduled for Wednesday, November 4th has been moved to 12:00 pm instead of the usual 8:15 am. With the support of the PATT Cultural Arts Committee, our students will enjoy an opera performance. The interactive presentation utilizes four opera singers and will introduce students to “opera’s greatest hits” as well as train them to recognize opera that goes on all around them! Feel free to join us for this assembly (our teachers will help you find seating as our typical layout will be different due to the upcoming Drama production). Thank you PATT for organizing and funding this opportunity for our students!

Our next Chapel on Wednesday, November 11th is Veterans Day. While Chapel will follow the usual format, we would like to honor and recognize our Veterans during our program. If there is someone important to your child who is a Veteran, please invite them to join us for Chapel on Wednesday, November 11th. Our Chapel begins at 8:15 am in Founders Hall.

Physical Education Update

Want to know more about what your student experiences during their physical education class? View Coach Hollenbeck’s blog at Elements are password protected: (password removed for website publishing)

Mark your calendars

  • Friday & Saturday, November 6-7 – Upper School Theatre Arts Performances (order tickets here)
  • Monday-Friday, November 23-27 – No school for staff or students
  • Wednesday, December 2 – Progress reports posted by 8:00 (2nd-6th grade)
  • Thursday, December 17 – Lessons & Carrols at 7:00 pm (Christ Baptist Church)
  • Friday, December 18 – Early release day and All School Christmas Chapel (please join us!)