Update re: flu season

There are several students who have been diagnosed with the flu, many of whom received a flu shot this season. There is apparently at least one strand of the flu which the shot does not work effectively against. Many of the early warning symptoms of the flu can be confused with other illnesses, especially if your child had a flu shot and you’re thinking it can’t be the flu. If your student starts to show the symptoms below, even if they received a flu shot, you may want to consider scheduling a doctor’s visit; when the flu is caught early, the recovery time for students is significantly less (sometimes as little as 24-hours) versus what can sometimes be an entire week absence.

  • Seasonal Flu: fever, headache, malaise, lack of appetite, body aches, and cough.  There is no GI component and can last between 5-7 days on average unless caught early.
    • Important to note that once you get the flu, you are more susceptible to get it again as your immune system is likely still recovering.
  • There is also a separate stomach bug that can share some of the same symptoms as the seasonal flu but often includes nausea, vomiting, and/or diarrhea in addition to the other flu symptoms.
    • Important to note that if you have the stomach flu, you can still “share” the virus for 48 hours after the symptoms have subsided.

NEW July Enrichment Opportunities

Camp Trinity has added some additional summer opportunities this year, specifically during the week of July. Starting July 10th, each week there will be a variety of 2-hour classes available for students to participate in. These classes will include a variety of topics just for fun (science, paper crafts, Greek, mythology, writing) as well as some that are specifically for review/remediation (phonograms, grammar, Latin). Full details about the different courses offered, and when they’re offered, can be found online.

PATT PDQ Spirit Night

The next PATT PDQ spirit night is Wednesday, March 15th from 3:30 until 8:00 that evening. Please consider going out to the PDQ on Falls Neuse Rd as a portion of your receipt goes to PATT. As a reminder, here are some of the ways that PATT has been able to support classrooms and teachers this year:

  • Purchasing an Ellison machine to allow for quicker and neater letters/shapes (a major help to teachers in a variety of ways)
  • Sponsoring two Lower School assemblies this year via having Burning Coal Theatre and Bright Stars Theatre present
  • Providing a grant for someone from Burning Coal Theatre to spend time with our 4th and 5th grade classes, four mornings during the week of January 30th, helping them become familiar with Shakespeare’s language

Tickets to Ansel Adams’ Masterworks and Glory of Venice Exhibits

The NC Museum of Art has two new exhibits on display. One of the artists, Ansel Adams, is studied in Mrs. Heimbach’s class. The museum has graciously provided Mrs. Heimbach with 6 free tickets to the Ansel Adams’ exhibit (ticketed with the Glory of Venice Exhibit).

On Friday, February 17th at 1:15 pm, Mrs. Heimbach will hold a drawing for 3 students (1 winner in Tk-2nd grade and 2 winners in 3rd – 5th grades) to win two FREE tickets to this outstanding exhibit.   The exhibit will be on display through the first week of May.  Interested students should let Mrs. Heimbach know, before 4 pm on Thursday, February 16th, if they wish to be included in the drawings. The parents of the winners will be called to confirm their ability to attend the exhibit, plus arrange to pick up the tickets from Mrs. Heimbach.

Please make sure your family can commit to attending the exhibit before your child enters the drawing. We want to make sure the tickets are used!

Where is Stripes?

Stripes spent the week with Mrs. Rutherford’s 4th grade class! He heard about an amazing discussion they had as part of their literature lesson and wanted to spend the week with them to continue to hear them engage in dialogue with each other. In particular, Mrs. Rutherford’s class is being highlighted for how well they were able to discuss with each other, even when they disagreed!

Mark Your Calendars

  • Saturday, February 11th Continuing the (Technology) Conversation (9:00 AM- 11:00 AM)
  • Wednesday, February 15th Progress reports online via PlusPortals by 8:00 AM (grades 2-6 only)
  • Monday, February 20th No school for students
  • Thursday, February 23rd Night of the Arts – 6:30 PM in Founders Hall
  • Friday, March 17th – End of 3rd quarter
  • Monday, March 20th – No school for students
  • Monday, March 20th – 4th Annual Trinity Golf Classic – Register Here


Matthew Breazeale
Lower School Head
Trinity Academy