I look forward to seeing everyone at our Annual Lessons & Carols service scheduled for 7:00 pm on Thursday, December 14 at Christ Baptist Church. I have enjoyed watching students work hard preparing for this special event! In celebration of their hard work, the Lower School will have a Black & Gold Day on Friday, December 15th.

Poetry & Prose

I am providing families with information for Poetry & Prose prior to the Christmas break, in case you wish to use this time to start the process of selecting the piece of poetry or prose. Attached [in the weekly email] are several documents including:

  • A contest overview which includes important dates for each stage (a strongly encouraged read for all families)
  • A copy of the rubric (minor modifications from last year)
    • Note that most changes this year are cosmetic – the categories did not change but are arranged in a manner that is easier to understand
  • A list of suggested pieces which includes some classical authors, links to other traditionally classic lists, speeches, and more!
  • A list of selections that are not allowed in this contest (another strongly encouraged read)
  • Yesterday’s Classics suggestion list
  • Pointers and tips based upon feedback from last year’s judges

I trust these resources will be helpful. It is our goal with this required annual contest to help students grow, both in rhetorical skills as well as in celebrating the success and hard work of others. While only a limited number of students “win” each year, teachers annually witness amazing growth and maturity in their students, through this process. I encourage you to focus on the growth opportunity as well and enjoy the intangible rewards that come from this Trinity tradition. Help your child to see themselves as their own competition and to set, as their goal, to be better by the end of the competition than they were at the beginning. Former UCLA Coach John Wooden said it well: “Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.”

Note that the selection your student picks for this contest is not due until February 1st; however, two students in the classroom cannot use the same piece. Those who wait until later to select their piece may have a perfectly acceptable piece not allowed because someone else in the classroom already had it approved for their use.

Giving Locally and Globally

Around the holidays, many Trinity families seek ways to bless others with specific gifts. While there are many options available for families to share their gifts, I want to highlight two opportunities associated with Trinity Academy, one with a local emphasis and one with a global focus.

If you wish to give locally, Camp Trinity’s Giving Tree funds scholarships for children of families that do not have the resources to participate in summer camp. A donation of any size is appreciated but here are specifics of what your gifts can do for a child: $37 covers the cost of camp for a day, $185 covers the cost of camp for a week, and $740 covers the cost of camp for the summer. More information about how you can Love Local through Camp Trinity can be found here.

Following the All-School Christmas Chapel on Wednesday, December 20, Upper School students spend the remainder of the academic day packing meals for Feed the Hunger. During this time students work together to pack 25,000 meals at a cost of $0.28 per meal (for a total cost of around $7,000). If your family is looking to give to a global cause during this season, more information about this mission and links to give to help fund it at Trinity can be found here.

Mark Your Calendar

  • Wednesday, December 13th – Lower School Christmas Assembly
  • Thursday, December 14th – Lessons & Carols service at 7 PM at Christ Baptist Church
  • Friday, December 15 – Grandparent Prayer Breakfast 9 AM in the Atrium (Invitation can be viewed here and Grandparents can RSVP here); Black & Gold Day for Lower School
  • Wednesday, December 20th – All-School Christmas Chapel in Founders Hall, 8:15 AM; early release (11:45 for LS)
  • Wednesday, January 3rd – School resumes for students; chapel at 8:05 AM


Matthew Breazeale
Lower School Head
Trinity Academy