Riggs Resource

We are excited to announce a Riggs’ phonogram tutorial for family use! Stephanie Knudsen, certified Riggs’ instructor, was recently videotaped teaching each of the 71 phonograms. This video is now available using the link below. Because Riggs is a copyrighted curriculum, the link is password protected. We do ask for your assistance in ensuring that the link is used solely by your family and not forwarded to those outside the Trinity community. Thank you!

If you believe this resource will be beneficial for your family, please visit this page and remember the password riggs2017 when prompted.

ESNU – What Does that Mean?

This summer, our staff worked to clarify expectations for the letter grades, ESNU, that are associated with several of our classes. Below you will find a synopsis of the conclusions we have drawn as a staff. Each letter grade is given based on the collective categories of attitude, effort, and skill.

  • E: Stands for exemplary. This is truly an EXCEPTIONAL grade. E’s are very rare. Students receiving an ‘E’ are demonstrating daily, above-and-beyond, stellar achievements in this category.
  • S+: Wow! Your child is a great example of this in the classroom, still above average for the given category.
  • S: Stands for satisfactory. Your child is right on target. Totally grade-level appropriate in all categories.
  • S-: Your child is doing okay, but let’s keep our eye on this. The child has needed some reminders and guidance.
  • N: Stands for ‘needs improvement’. This area needs some focus and attention this next quarter.
  • U: Stands for unsatisfactory. The student is experiencing great difficulty in this area and we need to meet to discuss strategies for improvement.

We trust that these explanations will help clarify the thoughts behind your child’s letter grades. Our focus is always on the process and skills gained along the way for each of our students, and we encourage you to celebrate any and all growth your child makes this year in the areas of hard work and perseverance. Each child is so much more than a letter grade on a page, and we seek daily to embrace each of their God-given talents and abilities. It is our sincere intention to highlight and support each child’s unique strengths and passions as we create classrooms where all children thrive and flourish.

Yearbook – Share Your Summer Experience!

Did you do something cool over the summer? Amazing trip? Mission trip? Cool camp? Clone yourself? If so, send us a picture about your adventure and create two to three sentences and we will consider it for the yearbook. Please email digitalmedia@trinityacademy.com!

Thank you, Trinity Academy Yearbook Staff

Grandparents’ Day is Coming!

Please take time, before midnight on Sunday, September 24th, to confirm and/or update the mailing and email address for Trinity Grandparents in RenWeb. Follow these these step-by-step instructions to ensure your child’s grandparents receive an invitation. The event is Friday, October 20th. It is an all-school early release day. Fall break follows on Monday and Tuesday, October 23-24.

Mark Your Calendar

  • Tuesday, September 26th – Early Release (for LS only) for Parent/Teacher conferences
  • Wednesday, September 27th – No school (for LS only) for Parent/Teacher conferences
  • Week of October 2nd – Homecoming week (full details here)
  • Friday, October 6 – PATT Fall Family Picnic and Homecoming
  • Wednesday, October 18th – Dress Rehearsal for Grandparents’ Day, families are invited to attend at 8:15 am. Lower School Open House – please invite a friend!
  • Friday, October 20th – Grandparents’ Day & Whole School Early Release (LS @ 11:45 am)

Matthew Breazeale
Lower School Head
Trinity Academy