I hope that your family has a great fall break! We look forward to welcoming students back Wednesday!

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Thank you PATT!

The first quarter can be a whirlwind of activities and, within these activities, there can often be a variety of asks by Trinity to our families. Trinity Academy seeks to limit these asks or to align them to meeting a need for your family, such as eating out (PATT spirit nights) or providing something unique for your student (such as ice-cream during lunch). These activities also generate revenue for Trinity or PATT. Here is a highlight of some of the ways that PATT has helped the Lower School already this year:

  • Supporting teacher grants through the following:
    • Whiteboard table for each 5th grade classroom
    • A new carpet for Miss Burrows’ classroom
    • A piece of furniture to help 6th grade students be organized in Mrs. Druga’s classroom
    • Supplemental books for our Kindergarten classroom
    • Additional die cuts to go with the Ellison Machine (which was purchased last year as a PATT grant)
    • Materials to refresh the reading corner in Mrs. Talley’s classroom
    • Extension Lego activities for Mrs. Rutherford & Mrs. Talley’s classroom
    • Garden maintenance materials which will help all grade levels who have a garden plot but specifically support Mrs. Poole’s plot.
  • Sponsoring Bright Star Theatre for a recent performance on Alice In Wonderland. There are also two future performances this year sponsored by PATT (one historical and one musical).
  • Encouraging teachers with snacks in workrooms at various times throughout the year.
  • Organizing many aspects of homecoming which serves as an opportunity at the beginning of the year for students and families to connect and relax.

Quick Items

A few items that did not fit anywhere else:

  • As the first quarter concludes that also means report cards will be coming out soon. Trinity Academy views each student as more than a grade on a page. A recent article discussed why more students receiving A’s was not something to be praised – read my reflection on that article here.
  • Some students, particularly in 4th or 5th grade, may have talked recently about meeting Mr. Turner. As a graduate student at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Mr. Turner contacted us about serving as an intern on Fridays this semester and we have been excited to have him pitch in throughout the year in a variety of ways. As he observes classes, he also has helped lead various small groups and had the opportunity to interact with students as he prepares for a career in education.

Mark Your Calendar

  • Monday, October 23 – Tuesday, October 24 – Fall break (no school for students)
  • Wednesday, October 25th – Assembly (Grammar of History review)
  • Friday, October 27 – Kindergarten Open House – share this link for prospective families to RSVP
  • Friday, November 10th – Veterans Day Assembly (sign up here if you want to participate)

Matthew Breazeale
Lower School Head
Trinity Academy